My cats are getting on the minimal waste bandwagon, too

It’s no secret that cats love boxes. Especially boxes that are slightly too small for them to fit. The era of online shopping provides housecats worldwide with no shortage of boxes—and let’s be honest, the boxes’ true purpose isn’t to protect our shipped goods, but for the enjoyment of our fuzzy companions.

When Tank decided to claim one of my thredUP boxes as his new favorite bed, I was both unsurprised and delighted. I’d been thinking about buying a new cat bed in a different shape to fit better in the window area for a while, but he solved that for me by curling up in a box that was already perfectly shaped for it.

And, naturally, once he’d slept there for long enough, my other cat came seeking him out on a cold day, and decided that the box was big enough for both of them. Second point in favor of thredUP’s box choices: it withstands twenty pounds of cats changing states of matter from solid to liquid.

The moral of the story? Instead of looking for a fuzzy new cat bed that they’ll sleep in for a month or two and then never touch again, try a cardboard box with some tissue paper or an old bathrobe padding the bottom. Once your cat gets bored of it, simply shake out the fur and recycle.

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